Do We Do Custom Screen Printing Orders?

First off, thanks so much for considering us to make your custom order. At this time, we are not taking on any custom orders because I (Kellie) simply do not have any time left to devote to custom orders.

With trying to stay on top of our inventory (for and the items that we sell at Crab Zone here in Niceville, Florida), running our first online business, and starting our new silkies brand ( coming soon!), I simply have no time left. We are also directing more focus into our Skeebb and Skuba Skeebb lines. 

If we are able to take on any custom orders in the future, we will update that info in here. 

If you are wanting to see any items w/ our designs (Skuba, Skeebb, etc) or you're looking for an EOD themed apparel or gift idea that you're not seeing here, please shoot us an email and we'll see if it's a good fit and we can work it in.