Does BombBullie/ Offer Military Discounts?

BombBullie Military Discounts

Hello, y'all! We recently had a customer ask if we offered military discounts and I thought I would add it to our Blog Post/FAQ page. 

Answer in short is "no", but also "yes"...

BombBullie, LLC is a veteran owned and operated company. Kurt is a retired USMC EOD Tech and helps me (Kellie) operate BombBullie, LLC (including,, and

The majority of our sales and custom orders are for active duty.  Our prices and work reflect a generally cheaper cost using higher quality materials and attention to detail than larger, automated companies. 

We don’t do “military discounts” per se, but have worked with many units and people in keeping overall cost to a minimum. When we price each item that we sell, we have taken into consideration that the main purchaser of our "stuff" is our EOD Community and other various Military MOS's. With that said, each item is priced with a "discount" already built into the price. 

We do small runs of most items and after several months, move the remaining items to the "Sales" page. And we do our best to offer discounts throughout the year. 

And we donate a portion of our proceeds to the EOD Warrior Foundation and the Gary Sinise Foundation. So a huge thanks to y'all for helping us support our community. 

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