How Much are EOD Unit Shirts - Cost Breakdown

Here is a general quote for EOD Unit Shirts. 


How Much Are Unit Shirts

An Approximate Breakdown


*These prices are estimates and are based off of using the Bella+Canvas Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt. We don’t want to inundate you with too many numbers and what-ifs. So here is a simple breakdown. If you want us to use a specific brand shirt, we can do a quote tailored to fit your needs.


Base price is $12 Per shirt. This includes 1 logo, at 1 color.

  • For every additional logo, add a $1.
  • For every additional color over 1, add $1.

We can do up to 3 colors per logo. We use eco-friendly waterbased inks that we mix up for each job.

Number of Logos

Number of Colors

Price Per Shirt














For each additional logo, add $1. That logo includes 1 color. So if you wanted a shirt with 3 logos at 1 color each, that would be $12.


For every logo that you want to be more than 1 color, add $1 to that price.

For example, Bob Barker orders a shirt. He wants a White Chest Logo (1 Color/1 Logo), a Red Sleeve Logo (1 color/ 1 logo), a Yellow Left Sleeve Logo (1 color/ 1 logo) and a Red and Silver Back Logo (2 Color / 1 Logo). That is  $14 per shirt.



**This estimate does not include other fees that you may be required to pay such as shipping costs and artwork fees (if applicable). Please refer to our “What’s Included in the Price” PDF.