Out of Stock in Most Silkies

That's right folks, it's a Silkies-Crisis! The silkies (aka Ranger Panties) that we screen print our designs on (and do unit orders for) we get from our Soffe supplier. But currently, there's a shortage of silkies! Oh my!  A lot of silkies colors and sizes are on back order due to Covid-19.

We just wanted to let y'all know that we aren't slacking here, but we've had to set pretty much all of our silkie products to only sell what we have already made, in stock. Usually we have our EODStuff.com Silkies set to sell even if we are out of stock because we screen print everything in house and usually have a lot of blank silkies in storage that we can screen print on when the orders come in. This is no longer the case unfortunately.

So as of now, we can only sell what we've already made. We hope this changes as soon as possible, but we are on a waiting list for most colors and sizes.