Pricing for EOD Unit T-Shirts. How Much Are EOD Unit Shirts?

How Much Are EOD Unit Shirts

How Much Are You Paying for Your EOD Unit Shirt?

When it comes down to it, you want to know how much it's going to be and we understand that. You work hard for your money and want quality, but you need to be able to still put gas in the Ferrari and filet mignon on the table. Totally understand. And when you are ordering shirts for your unit, you need to be able to tell everyone how much it's going to be and to let them know what they are paying for. 

Here's a breakdown of what you are paying for when you get unit shirts through us. 

How Does it Work? What Fees Are Involved in Making Your Unit Shirts?

When you order a unit shirt through EOD Stuff by BombBullie, we do not charge any Set-up fees or screen fees. The only fees we charge in addition to the price per shirt, are shipping fees (if required) and for any artwork you may need us to create for you.

Shipping Fees

We do charge shipping fees if shipping is required. We have both business FedEx and USPS accounts and will choose the most price effective method for you.

Artwork Fees for Unit Shirts

If you need us to design a logo or logos for you, we are more than happy to do so. We love creating new artwork especially when we get to work with our clients to create some badass stuff. We charge a flat fee to create your logo or graphic. This flat fee accounts for our time, resources, and creativity. We charge $30 per logo creation and offer up to 3 revisions.

If you already have a logo, but need it vectorized (basically put in a format for screen printing), we charge $15 per logo vectorization.

Pricing Points for EOD Unit Shirts. What You Are Paying For.

To keep it simple, we wrap up the cost of our services and the product all into the price per shirt.

The price per shirt will include the following, but not limited to:

  • Cost of shirt or garment (materials)
  • Printing the logo(s) onto water proof film (time and materials)
  • Preparing the screen(s), which includes degreasing them, removing all the moisture out of the screen(s), and coating each side of the screen(s) with high quality photopolymer Emulsion, and allowing time overnight in our “bake box” to harden the screen(s) (time and materials)
  • Burning the logo (which is now on film) onto the screen which requires registering (aligning) the logo onto screen and “burning” it onto the screen with our exposure unit (UV Lights) (time and materials)
  • Rinsing the screen to essentially turn it into a stencil (time)
  • Hardening the screen with an Emulsion Hardener (time and materials)
  • Allowing the screens to dry again for several hours in the “bake box” to completely harden and set (time)
  • Setting up the screen(s) on to the screen printer press (time)
  • Mixing the ink(s) (time and materials)
  • Screen printing and curing the shirts (time)
  • *If you have a dark colored garment, we’ve more than likely used discharge ink and therefore we wash, dry and fold the clothes before shipping to you (time)
  • Folding the garments and shipping to you (time)

pricing points for EOD Unit Shirts

That's a Wrap

We pride ourselves on paying attention to each and every garment that we make and send to you. We might not be the cheapest screen printers out there. But we do our job proficiently and with every ounce of ourselves so that we can make the best unit shirt we can for you while also offering friendly and excellent customer service.