What is the Never Forget EOD Line?

In Memory of our Fallen EOD Brothers and Sisters

We came up with the Never Forget EOD Logo to commemorate our EOD brothers and sisters who have fallen during the endeavors of their commitment.  This idea came to mind as the date marking the memorial of a dear friend, by the name of Nick Sprovtsoff, came around again.  We picked a semblance of the EOD crab, but inverted the wreath to appear as angel wings and replaced the Master Badge star and wreath with a halo and star.  

Our respective intentions are to represent the life of sacrifice and courage that our EOD technicians and their families believe in.  As the majority of us understand,  even though some EOD techs may have moved on from this world, EOD techs make everlasting impacts on those they interact with.  We hope that this emblem is found as uplifting as we find it. 

Yes we love designing and screen printing...it's what I (Kellie) am so passionate about. However, a HUGE driving factor of EODStuff is that we get to help our our EOD Community by donating to the  EOD Warrior Foundation. A portion of our EODStuff proceeds is donated to the EOD Warrior Foundation and to The Gary Sinise Foundation. 

We currently make shirts, tanks, hoodies, hats, and stickers with our EOD Never Forget emblem. We can do custom Never Forget items for your tribute person. For more details, email us at Kellie@BombBullie.com.  

Never Forget EOD by EODStuff.com BombBullie