Why EODStuff.com Does Limited Runs of Most Items

The Reason Behind Doing Limited Runs on EOD Stuff

The main reason we do limited production runs on certain items is mainly due to the size of our EOD Community. EOD is one of the smallest MOS's in all 4 branches of the Military. And as such, who wants to show up to events such as the Memorial Challenge, Ball, Crawfish Broil, or venues such as the gym, beach, bar....you get it...wearing the same exact shirt as 20 other peeps? Not too many of us. 
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Yes, there are some shirts and silkies that we'll continually offer. Things such as skivvy shirts, silkies, and more of our popular shirt such as Danger Things...we continue to make and keep in stock. And for some of the favorite designs, we'll offer various production runs in other shirt and ink colors and garment type (ie shirts, tanks, hoodies, baseball tees, etc.). 
Limited Edition Danger Things Baseball Tees
We're a boutique screen printing company and everything is designed and custom made by us in our studio in Niceville, Florida. We are always trying to come up with fresh new designs and ideas, but if you're ever wanting something that you're not seeing on EODStuff.com, please just hit us up via email (Kellie@BombBullie.com) and we'll work with you. Or if you have a design idea, we love working directly with our EOD family, hit us up and we'll make you something rad.