Glow in the Dark EOD Badge Silkies - EOD Silkies

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Who doesn't think Glow in the Dark is kinda cool!? We screen print your choice of the EOD Basic Badge, Senior Badge, or Master Badge onto the lower left front side of these Black Soffe Silkies (aka Ranger Panties). While the glow in the dark ink works well at night (needs to be charged with some sort of light source. Works best with fluorescent lighting, UV such as black light), the print in the day light looks awesome too! It's a subdued light black/dark grey color against the black silkies. 

Caution: Our Silkies Will Crank Up Your Quality of Life!

EOD Silkies Sizing Chart:
(Waist in Inches)
Small -  28" - 30"
Medium - 32" - 34" 
Large -  36" - 38"
X-Large -  40" - 42"
XX-Large - 44" - 46"

We donate a portion of our proceeds to the EOD Warrior Foundation, and The Gary Sinise Foundation.