Never Forget EOD Koozie for Josh "JJ" Cullins

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Koozie In Memory of Joshua J. Cullins written by LAPD Bomb Squad Officer Steve Hennigan, (Former Marine)

Joshua James Cullins, or “JJ” as he was known to his family and many friends, was a man of purpose with a deep devotion to God, Country and Corp.  JJ joined the Marines after graduating from high school with many of JJ’s friends following him into the Corps because that’s the effect JJ had on others.  Josh was always committed to helping others succeed in life and this was true when he changed from MOS to Explosive Ordnance Disposal.  

Joshua James Cullins - EOD Tech - Angel Warrior Line

JJ knew he would have a direct effect on others’ lives by placing himself in danger in order to keep others safe from IEDs and UXO.  JJ deployed to Iraq and was able to apply his knowledge, teamwork and expertise to make other Armed forces personnel and Iraqi civilians safe.  Upon his return from Iraq and his EAS, Joshua made the decision to further his career where he could continue to serve and have a positive impact on a large population. As a result, JJ tested and completed the many tasks to become a Los Angeles Police Officer.

In December of 2008, JJ graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy after seven months of training and was then assigned to open a brand new patrol division, Topanga Station. All officers were handpicked for this assignment, even new officers out of the Academy, and Joshua was one of them.  JJ was immediately loved by all and was both a devoted partner and a professional law enforcement officer.

While becoming an LAPD Officer, JJ remained in the Marines as a Reserve EOD Operator.  Towards the end of 2009, Josh volunteered to go to Afghanistan to serve with and to help his fellow EOD Marines.

In April 2010 JJ went to AFG to serve as Ops Chief at Camp Leatherneck. During his tour, many of his brother EOD Operators were either injured or unfortunately KIA.  JJ being the up-most professional who was dedicated to his craft, volunteered to go into the field in May of 2010 to assist fellow EOD personnel.

Prior to his return to Camp Leatherneck to finish his tour, JJ was taken from this Earth on October 19th, 2010.

JJ left behind his mother, Barbara, his father, Jim, and his brothers, Donovan and Cooper.  His large family of United States Marines and Los Angeles Police Department Officers will forever be indebted to Joshua for his Ultimate Sacrifice for his Country and his fellow Marines.

Here’s to you JJ….CHEERS!!!

Joshua James Cullins - EOD Tech - Angel Warrior Line


Portion of Proceeds Donated to EOD Warrior Foundation

Josh's family has chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each koozie to benefit the EOD Warrior Foundation in thanks for all the support they have given their family and to help fellow EOD Families. 

You can check out Josh's official bio on the EOD Warrior Foundation’s page by clicking HERE.


EOD Koozie Specs

We use neoprene collapsible can koozies that fit both cans and bottles. We silk screen print the image with plastisol ink directly onto the koozie and then heat press it to give it a nice, smooth finish and feel.

We took a two sided approach to Josh's koozies. We wanted to pay tribute to his love and devotion to the LAPD Bomb Squad and to the US Marine Corps EOD. Josh's Koozies have blue ink on grey koozies, and then grey ink on black, camo, and blue koozies.  

***When you place your order, you will receive a surprise color. However, we want you to be happy so if you want a specific color or do not want a certain color, just let us know in the Notes Section of the checkout page. 

In Memory of our Fallen EOD Brothers and Sisters

This is an idea to commemorate our EOD brothers and sisters who have fallen during the endeavors of their commitment.  I picked a semblance of the EOD crab, but inverted the wreath to appear as angel wings and replaced the Master Badge star and wreath with a halo and star.  My intentions are to represent the life of sacrifice and courage that our EOD technicians and their families believe in.  As the majority of us understand,  even though some EOD techs may have moved on from this world, EOD techs make everlasting impacts on those they interact with.  I hope that this emblem is found as uplifting as I find it. ~Kellie Graebner