The Papa - EODStuff'd Unicorn

The Papa - EODStuff'd Unicorn

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The Papa - EODStuff'd Unicorn

We collaborated with fellow EOD Wife, Samantha with A Memory Quilt to bring you these badass little EODStuff'd unicorns! 

The Papa was created from our most favorite t-shirt...the Purple Nurple EOD Unicorn T-Shirt, and actually prompted the creation of our EODStuff'd Unicorns. 

The Papra EODStuff'd Unicorn Features

  • made out of Bella+Canvas Heather Purple t-shirts with White ink EODStuff Logos
  • Never Forget EOD Logo (left chest logo) and EOD Stencil logo on the booty
  • Silver satin accent hooves and unicorn horn
  • Purple, Pink, and White yarn mane and tail.
  • Silver glitter eyes

Please be advised that these are considered collector's items and might not last long if given to a baby or toddler. Made to look cool and while quite soft and snuggly, they're not too durable when eyes, mane, tail, and horn are yanked or chewed on LOL!

Please note that the eyes are small parts; please keep away from babies, small children, and puppies as small parts may be choking hazards. 

Please do NOT wash your EODStuff'd Unicorn. 

We donate a portion of our proceeds to the EOD Warrior Foundation; a huge thanks to you for your support.