EOD Baseball Tees Are Here!

EOD Stuff EOD Baseball Tee

What Took So Long!

I've held on to these amazing Baseball Tees made by NextLevel Apparel for about a year now. I hadn't found the perfect graphic to put on it, and I didn't want to just screen print any logo on them. 

I ordered these baseball tees over a year ago. When I opened the box, I could not believe how damn soft these bad boys were! I know I use the words soft, comfortable, and quality to describe our shirts a lot, and it might be overkill. However, I can't think of any big or sexy words to describe how these shirts are without coming off as a Sesquipedalian (<---Ha! Used a big word there!) and using superfluous words to impress you.

A Combination of Great Designs...That's What!

We finally designed a kickass EOD Logo and our new and grittier USA Flag logo that became the worthy combination to screen print on this superior tee. 

Kurt originally had me design the flag using thin lines. I felt like it was too "naked" and well, boring. I'm all about minimalism, but it lacked personality and needed edginess or "umph" to it. So we experimented with hundreds of variations of brushes and finally got that something we were looking for: Simple yet Sophisticated. 

With the front EOD Chest Logo, I wanted to make each badge different from each other. So, I came up with the base design of the EOD logo, with the letter "O" being the EOD Badge. I used our version of the EOD Badge, some modern text, and then applied a bit of grunginess to the design. 

And we made 3 versions: one is with our Basic EOD Badge, the other is with our Senior EOD Badge, and the last is our Master EOD Badge. 

EOD Stuff EOD Baseball Tee

New EOD Baseball Tee with EOD Badge and American Flag

Hope you like it. You can check it out HERE

Please don't hesitate to let us know your comments (unless you're an asshole or scammer...then just leave us alone ;) and if you have any ideas that you want to see on a shirt. You can email us at kellie@bombbullie.com 


EOD Baseball Tees Specifics:

Screen printed with eco-friendly water based inks...the graphics literally become a part of the shirt. We used NextLevel Apparel's Tri-Blend 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Baseball Tees for this one. 

Comes in Unisex XS, Small, Medium, or X-Large. Limited run, get yours while supply lasts.