About Us

Kurt is a retired USMC EOD Tech and Kellie is a graphic designer, screen printer, and runs BombBullie, LLC. Kellie also volunteers for the EOD Warrior Foundation and is a Social Media Ambassador for the EODWF.  As residents of Niceville, Florida, we are privileged to support the EOD Warrior Foundation as much as we can (a portion of our sales is donated to the EOD Warrior Foundation). And as the EOD Schoolhouse is located in the Niceville area, and Kurt carries on working in the EOD Field, we are able to stay plugged in to the EOD Community.

 Kurt and Kellie Graebner of BombBullie, LLC

Homer is Kellie's best bud and loyal shop dog! ;) 

Homer - BombBullie Shop Dog

BombBullie/EODStuff came about through Kellie’s passion to create and support a way of life that has been a center of gravity for our souls.  While Kellie is the primary operator of BombBullie / EODStuff, Kurt functions as her sounding board and muse...and sometimes her model (he's also known as "The Gardener", "The Kurt Locker", and "The Stache"). 

We take pride in providing the best services and products that we can to not only the EOD Community, but the military, Bomb Squad communities and related organizations, and local businesses.  

Kellie is so passionate about BombBullie, her work, our clients, and she is always focused on learning innovative screen printing and graphic design methods to further provide the best products and services that she can. 

With all that said...what we value most is you. Thank you for being a part of our lives and continuing to help us grow in ours. 

   Kurt and Kellie Graebner of BombBullie, LLC 

Kurt and Kellie Graebner of BombBullie, LLC   Kurt and Kellie Graebner of BombBullie, LLC