The Many Faces of The Skeebb - Expanding our BombBullie Skeebb Line

BombBullie The Skeebb - The Many Faces of Skeebb

We love The Skeebb! If you're not quite sure who The Skeebb is, read our short post about him HERE. But in a nutshell, Skeebb is our symbol of our EOD Techs, friends, and family. EOD can be a dangerous life, but amidst that we cherish and take care of each other and live life to the fullest. That got sentimental real quick! ;) 

Back to the expansion of The Skeebb...He has turned into one of our EOD community's favorites for screen printing on various apparel. We decided to do a couple different "versions" of him and have just introduced Scuba Skeebb, NVG Skeebb, and Molotov Cocktail Skeebb. 

We are in the process of putting him on more of our EODStuff items such as EOD tees, tanks, Hoodies, silkies, hats, flags, stickers, decals, and more.