Who is The Skeebb™?

Who or What is The Skeebb?

Skeebb stands for Skeleton, Booze, and Bomb Dude. He's our Fun, EOD infused play on Skelly from Social Distortion.  We got the idea when we made unit shirts for the USMC EOD Techs over at Cherry Point, NC. The Skeleton dude they sent us to screen print on their unit apparel we felt had more of a Vietnam era feel to it. So Kurt suggested that we modernize our Skeebb a little bit.  I had Kurt put on one of his old Mich helmets, took an picture, and we drew the new Skeebb's helmet from that picture onto this logo. We also completely re-created a new skeleton logo, bomb, and booze bottle making Skeebb a whole new little dude. 


To us, Skeebb represents the fun side of our EOD community, family, and friends. Our EOD guys and gals work their assess off, and are often times either deployed or in work ups which takes them away from their family and friends. When we have our time together, we make the most of it living it up as much as we can, and cherish those good times and memories. Our Skeebb is a symbol of this. 

*Update* - we expounded upon our Skeebb design and created a couple new versions of him (Molotov Skeebb, NVG Skeebb, and Skuba Skeebb). Check these guys out here 


*Update #2* - On June 28, 2022 our Skeebb™ logo was officially trademarked.