Who is Skuba Skeebb?

First off, Who is The Skeebb?

Skeebb stands for Skeleton, Booze, and Bomb Dude. He's our Fun, EOD infused play on Skelly from Social Distortion.  
The Skeebb EOD
To us, Skeebb represents the fun side of our EOD community, family, and friends. Our EOD guys and gals work their assess off, and are often times either deployed or in work ups which takes them away from their family and friends. When we have our time together, we make the most of it, living it up as much as we can without getting arrested haha. We cherish those good times and memories. Our Skeebb is a symbol of this, a symbol of the EOD Family. 


We loved The Skeebb as he was, but I kept having this vision pop up of an underwater version of Skeebb holding on to a moored mine as if it was a kid holding on to a balloon. And I had wanted to make a design to represent the Underwater EOD Community. However, being a wife of a Marine Corps EOD Tech (before the Marines had their underwater EOD Team up and running), I wasn't well versed in anything dive or underwater related to EOD. So I hit up our cronies Mo Tackitt (Retired U.S. Navy EOD Diver) and Dave Moran (U.S. Marine Corps EOD Diver) to help me iron out the details of our new Skuba Skeebb.  Made a couple small revisions with the help of some other awesome EOD Divers, and wallah...Skuba Skeebb in da house!
Skuba Skeebb    Skuba Skeebb Silkies
Skuba Skeebb Towel